Client Portal

At PWB, we understand the importance of keeping your personal information secure.  Knowing how important it is for you to have ready access to this secure information, we have introduced a cutting-edge method to securely and safely share tax-related files with you.   If you have ever engaged in shopping online, you are already familiar with the basic functionality of a portal.  This Portal method enables us to set up your own personal and confidential tax storage area.  Your own personal Portal becomes your secure online storage area for your important tax related documents.  It can be your one-stop to access copies of your tax returns, work papers, financial statements, etc. for the past 3 years. Questions? Please contact us.

The portal is set up utilizing your primary email address.  As the Portal Administrator, you are granted access to view any information published to the portal, to perform all basic portal-related functions, including the ability to grant access to others who you may wish to view your files, and to limit or rescind that access as well.

Our most common use of the portal is for delivery of documents pertaining to your tax returns and financial statements. Each time a new document has been added to your portal, you will receive notification via email. For example, once we have received your completed tax organizer and supporting documents we will convert them to a PDF, upload them to your portal and send you a notification. Then once your tax return is completed we will upload a copy to your portal along with an “Action Items” file.  This file will contain the instruction forms on what you need to do to complete the filing of your tax return.  You will again be notified of this upload and can then review your return and complete the necessary steps provided to complete the filing.

We are excited to share this advanced delivery method with you, as it increases the security and efficiency to your information. If you have any questions on how to set up or access your portal, please contact us at 763-550-1100.